Monday, March 24, 2014

California Gurl's Inspired 8th Birthday

Happy Monday!
Have you guy's heard of Katy Perry's song "California Gurls"? 
If so, have you seen the video?

It's something colorful isn't it? 
She's basically in a candy land world and Everything is covered in candy and desserts
So when my niece requested a Katy Perry candy table, 
I knew right away I wanted to go with the California Gurls theme- 

Now what was tricky about this was that my sis in law ordered the buffet on a Monday, 
needing it for that same Saturday...
So! We had 5 days to come up with the design, buy the supplies, and set it all up

I got the inspiration to spray paint the cupcake gold from this post on Classy Clutter's site
but I might go with white to give it a porcelain feel and have it fit easier with different parties

I had originally ordered blank printable tags off of Etsy on Tuesday assuming they'd be in by Friday 
since it wasn't a custom item to begin with,
but I was wrong 
So plan B- I had found these cute scrapbook size paper packets in the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks back and it had that light blue polka dot sheet, 
so I traced the design, cut it out, and used it as backing for the pearlescent pink labels I had printed
Then I just embellished everything with various dessert themed stickers

I found out the day before that the party wasn't being held at her house
and found out the day of that they tables provided were longer than we'd anticipated 
so we didn't use a hot pink overlay we'd been planning on using because it didn't fit right
Luckily, I had another Plan B for that and found this cute blue and pink birthday banner
in Target's birthday party supply section

My SIL's mother in law was in charge of cake and desserts,
but didn't arrive until almost the end of the party 
so I wasn't able to take any pictures of her items on the table

Overall I was Very happy with the outcome, and it was all done on a small budget
I think our biggest expense was the candy! 

xoxo Nora

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  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Oh, how fun! I bet your niece was in heaven :0)
    Thanks so much for coming by! I can see how the pink candy cake I made for my daughter's birthday would've fit in perfectly with your party!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week,